Fixing America



I’m listening to conservative radio today and wondering what I always wonder, “How can I wake up the people of America who are unaware that their freedom is being taken from them?”

I started out on face book and my friends said essentially, “Stop posting the political crap” because I was doing it every single day and maybe five people read what I put up. Then my one friend told me to start a blog so I can reach a larger audience. From my stats I have a very, very, very humble audience. That’s ok though because as long as America still needs helping getting back to Our roots, as long as I draw breath I will Stand and Fight and Inform.

Now to the heart of the post. 

Today I have had the epiphany of of how to reach the uninformed, the sleeping Americans. Everybody says “Write your Congressman/woman”…..yeah and then they can ignore it at their leisure. I say not only write your Congressperson but also write the Main Stream Media. Write to them saying that you demand they start actually reporting the news or more accurately the Truth.

Flood Congress and the Media and We the People may actually start seeing some results. Waiting around for 2014 or 2016 will accomplish nothing if we do not wake up Our fellow Americans.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for Liberty!

God Bless.


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