And the Scandals Keep On Piling Up

One more scandal to add to the pile. How appropriate for a new scandal to pop up just now. I say appropriate because I wanted to do a post on the presidents pathological lying.

Once again we’ll here the president say, ” I didn’t know anything about it”. Pathetic, the man doesn’t know how to take responsibility. All these lies paint two pictures of the president: He is either a complete idiot who doesn’t know how to lead or he’s lying through his teeth and he’s a great leader because he’s getting what he wants without even having to tell his minions.

I say it’s both. He’s a lying idiot who leads by following my favorite definition of leadership. Know your team so that you can trust your team to get the job done with out you even being there. That’s exactly what he has done.

He appointed people he knew would accomplish his goals for him without saying a word.

If all these scandals don’t bring down this administration then the devil must be on their side. The only way to respond to that kind of power is to pray to a higher form of power, God.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for Liberty!

God Bless.


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