Benghazi Theory

I’ve posted this link before because someone else finally called what the president and his cohorts are really doing and it’s TREASON!

I have had a theory about Benghazi for a few weeks now. I only haven’t presented it because there are other scandals to cover and I wasn’t sure just how crazy I want to sound. Then I remembered what I said when I started this blog, “I will post often and without regret”.

I theorize that Ambassador Chris Stevens and his colleagues were not only left to die but that it was a hit ordered by our government. I wont say the president because there are too many hands in the cookie jar to pin this on just one person.

I say Benghazi was an ordered hit because we were running guns to Libyan Terrorist and to Syrian Terrorist through Turkey. They sent a Drone out not to help but to watch. Why would you only send out a Drone to watch if not to help at some point?

Ambassador Chris Stevens was the go between for the gun running operation, I am not trampling on his grave I am simply stating facts. It has been reported that the US government was buying back Stinger Missiles from Libya and Syria and so comes in the theory. 

Ambassador Chris Stevens and his colleagues didn’t know about the running additional guns to Libya, only the buy back of the Stinger Missiles. They cause alarm for this in the meeting with the General Council of Turkey in a CIA safe house. The Turkish Ambassador calms them and assures them that everything is ok and the transaction went well. One hour later the attack happens.

Do your own research and tell me what you think. I keep on coming back to Ordered Hit.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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