Seal Team Six


Charles Strange, father of Michael Strange of Seal Team Six, spoke at the Save the 2nd Amendment Rally this past Saturday. He spoke of his experience when he heard the news about his sons death in the helicopter attack on Seal Team Six. Michael Strange was among the 22 Navy Seals killed in the attack.

Charles told us how he meet the president and asked him what happened and who was responsible for his sons and fellow seals death? The president told him that he would get to the bottom of the investigation. Charles Strange was told this in 2011 and now in 2013 still has no answers, still justice has not been served to his son Michael and the other Seal Team Six members.

Charles stands with his fellow patriots in the Fight for Our, We the Peoples Liberty.

I keep Charles, his family and all of our soldiers and their families in my prayers.

God Bless.


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