What’s Going On In Your Kids School?



Ellie Rubenstein, a teacher of fifteen years is resigning because of the gradual downfall of the public school system. More accurately the large role government has been playing in the public school system via Common Core.

Common Core started out and is still working it’s way through the individual states. It is the nationalization of the education system which I and many Americans agree is a bad idea.

Common Core began with setting up strict curriculum for teachers to adhere by, standardize testing, new protocols to follow in the class room. Taking away individualized teaching and learning for one core structure to follow.


This video shows the “new” way of doing math according Common Core. If a child figures out another faster and more effective way of finding the answer they’re wrong because they didn’t do Their Way. A small insight of what your children may be learning already or may learn when Common Core comes to your State.

Texas had Common Core, fought it, won, started to correct the damage that was done and then got C-Scope. C-Scope is Common Core it’s just a different name.

We the People need to remember and read up on Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Federal Government has no business in education, health care, guns, speech, religion Our Lives Period and they’re attacking all of them. I will copy and paste the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in case you don’t have either readily available.



Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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