Amendment Proposals For the Constitution



We the People know the Constitution and the it’s Amendments aren’t perfect. Our Founding Fathers knew the Constitution wasn’t perfect and that’s precisely why they amended and ratified it 15 years later.

The Constitution and it’s Amendments were made to stand the test of time and they have.

Now they are under attack.

Our Rights, We the Peoples Rights are under attack.

We the Peoples Liberty is under attack.

Amendment Proposals for the Constitution:

Repeal the 16th Amendment, get rid of income tax. There are States that have eliminated their income tax. The Amendment was created out of greed and remains because of greed. One Fair Tax for everyone to pay at the check out counter and other transactions. Abolish the damn IRS!

Representatives and Senators have term limits. Representatives get 3 terms, total of 6 years and Senators get 2 terms, total of 12 years. This would rid Washington of career politicians It wont happen because it removes power from them. Vote them out and elect Constitutional Candidates in.

Congress can no longer raise their salary. Every elected official, State and Federal, receive the same salary. There is no job in America besides Congress that can vote to raise their salary, at least to my knowledge. Well ok union jobs, but that’s another topic to post entirely. This wont happen because they’re greedy. Vote them out and elect Constitutional Candidates in.

Jail time should be issued for any unconstitutional laws to be proposed.

Eliminate the Electoral College. The most one sided system I have ever heard of. The Electoral College is chosen by Congress and con veins and votes when Congress says so. We the Peoples vote doesn’t matter come Presidential election time because of the Electoral College. In the very rare case when the candidates are tied evenly We the Peoples vote would matter.

The Electoral College was originally formed because it was a faster way of voting back then. The Founders didn’t have modern technology for voting back then so the Electoral College was We the Peoples say. Now it’s a one sided joke and has been for quite some time now. Abolish it.

Comments, suggestions any one?

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for Liberty!

God Bless.


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