Do your own research and become informed.


YaY! More treasonous acts from the president.

Our dear president has “finally” decided to arm our enemy…..again. Finally is in quotation marks because he only made it public. He’s probably had this planned for months now.

What do you mean he’s arming the enemy, they’res rebels fighting against a tyrannical government right? Yeah and my farts smell like roses.

Syrian rebels are just as bad as the Syrian government, they’re just fighting over power.

Russia is helping the Syrian government and we are helping the Syrian rebels. You could say we’re back in a “Cold War” with Russia.

But we’re on good terms with Russia right? Sure we are, just like we’re on good terms with China. If you haven’t noticed everyone and their mother, this includes We the Peoples government, is after the throat of America.

But we have many strong allies right? I refer you to my statement in an earlier post, but revised for this post: Trust no one but yourself and God (or just yourself if you don’t believe and have faith). Trust absolutely no one.

Don’t trust me I just post news and comment on it. I do my own research to make sure that when I post something it’s the truth, you still can’t trust me though. There are sources I do put trust in, I still research it though because you never know.

People speaking truth are dropping like flies people. Do your own research and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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