Dropping Senator Rand Paul




Senator Rand Paul is going down a path that is difficult to come back from.

He started out great. Breathing life back into the Constitution after it had been stepped on for the past ten to fifteen years, yes I am counting the Bush years. Then recently he had this interview with Bill O’Reilly.

In the interview Senator Paul agrees with O’Reilly that it is ok to document the time and place of average American citizens.

It is not ok to document the time and place of We the People. The 4th Amendment protects us from such tracking. Senator Paul seems to becoming fuzzy on the Constitution lately. 

The recent immigration bill that was voted on this week Senator Paul voted yes on it. This is after he had publicly, on numerous occasions, spoken out against it unless they put in his amendment to it “Trust but Verify”.

The politicians we can “trust” in the government becomes a smaller list every month it seems. Senator Toomey lost my vote about a month or two ago, same with Senator Rubio and Senator Ryan. The only ones who really remain, that I know by name, are Representative Trey Gowdy and Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. With the way things are going it’s only a matter of time until they fall to Big government.

Pray, learn history, and research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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