Washington D.C.



Went into work today and when I left work I headed strait down to our nations capital. I proudly stood with thousands of patriots in the name of Freedom and Liberty.

My only complaint while I was there is that I got stop for making a wrong turn into a government parking area in front of the Capital Building. They asked me where was I going, I told them the rally and they said which one and I said the TEA Party rally and I kind of, not really got this look like “Great another one”. They took down my license plate and drivers ID and told me to update my tags on my car and sent me on my way. All that for turning into a government parking area. Couldn’t they have, I don’t know, let me turn around without being interrupted?

Any way, the rally went well despite that fact that I showed up for the latter half of it because I got out of work at 11 and the rally started at noon and it’s a two hour drive from PA to D.C. It was a peaceful rally and everyone picked up after themselves just like all the other Pro-Freedom rallies I’ve been too. The good Lord also saw fit to hold back the rain for us.

What get’s under my skin really is each time I come home from a rally, this is my third mind you, my parents almost, not quite but I think if I keep this up they’ll probably think I’m part of the Occupy filth and rolling of the eyes action. I can’t stand it that my parents don’t seem to get why I am going to these rallies, why I have a blog. It doesn’t help that they listen and watch Leftist media and it certainly doesn’t help that my temper flairs up each time they roll their eyes at me.

I’m praying though, that not only my parents wake up to what is going on but for the rest of We the Peoples nation to wake up. I’m also praying for more patients with my parents because with a different and more calm approach maybe they’ll listen.

I apologize for getting personal. The few of you who do read my blog certainly don’t need to hear me rant and complain about my temper and my parents.

Pray, learn history, and research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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