That’s right I finished reading the ‘Communist Manifesto’. The flags posted are the progression of We the Peoples country.

Remember this quote: To er is human. A fact that will never, ever change no matter how much humans try to control it.

This post will be lengthy so be prepared to read from links and watch videos from links posted. 

First off this video pretty much sums up communism is a nut shell:

Essentially the Manifesto says that there is a class struggle between the bourgeois and the proletarian. This was true during the time in which the ‘Industrial Age’ (aka: deregulated capitalism and/or crony capitalism)  reined supreme. Not so true today. Today, any class struggle there is was only exist because government and the Left Wing Media want you to believe that.

Deregulated capitalism still exist in many parts of the world……just not America. America has not seen deregulated capitalism since Woodrow Wilson who banned child labor and required workers compensation, which he accomplished through the legal system and the Wagner Act of 1935 which allowed workers to band together to express their grievances to their employer and to negotiate better working conditions: Thus the Unions were formed and soon followed eight hour work shifts and better, cleaner and safer working conditions, pensions, health insurance ect.

So far the regulation of capitalism is a good thing because without it companies like Ford Motors were isolated incidents of totalitarianism. The problem was that Unions grew and became third party instead of the workers and eventually Unions started to lobby to the government (thank you Woodrow Wilson for encouraging lobbying).

“Wait, you’re a member of the NRA and they’re lobbyist” True. I do not agree with their lobbying. If it were up to me the NRA would simply do advertisements, represent individuals who’s gun rights were violated and only list politicians who are pro 2nd Amendment, NOT lobby for them.  

Unions were suppose to be for the workers, the people, rallying peacefully to a common cause of unfair working conditions, negotiate with their employer either through an elected spokes person of the workers or they pool money together for a lawyer to help them, either way they would come to a peaceful and fair solution.

No, Unions are third party bullies that help you out if you pay them dues that “are for the workers best interest”, yeah sure. I have never worked in a union but I know people who have and/or are still in union jobs. Unions say they are for the worker where in reality they are for control. Heaven forbid the workers try and talk to their employers on their own and solve any kind of problem, that would just be crazy, workers standing up for themselves instead of having OUTSIDERS stand up for them. That would never work right? 

The Unions idea of the worker, just like the song said….if you watched/listened to it, is that they are nothing more than ants and bees, pawns, lowly and dumb individuals who couldn’t do anything for themselves

Unions say, “We are for the hard worker for they are under paid and over taxed” while they are taking more money out of the workers pay check via dues. Please explain the logic?

“Union dues are for the workers pensions, health benefits, vacation and blah blah blah”, ok then explain to me why the Auto Workers Union alone only used 38% of the workers dues for the above listed items? Why not use, oh I don’t know, 100% of the workers dues for the above listed items? Or maybe, just maybe allow the companies Human Resource department deal with any workers complaints through surveys and company meetings. WoW, that’s so crazy it just might work. 

“You said you know people who have worked and are still working in Unions”. Thanks for bringing me back to that valued point.

I will not got into great details with these examples because it’s not really my business to say so I’ll keep them brief.

My mom used to work for the Philadelphia Inquirer. She loved her job, she was awesome at her job, she worked there for over twenty years, made a group of friends and was member to a Union. Bosses came and went, she changed location once or twice but towards the end she and her friends had a crappy boss, they went to the Union and the Union did absolutely nothing for them. My mom and her friends ended up getting their own lawyers. Long story short, the group and the company settled and mom now runs two successful businesses and I am extremely proud of her.

My friend works for UPS, he’s in a Union. He does have the best benefits I have ever seen. He earned his degree because of the great benefits he has. Sounds great right, starting to feel a little pro-union right? Please don’t leave me quite yet I haven’t finished the story. He’s been working at UPS for eleven years, part time at a really nice pay rate but when you only work fifteen hours a week how good is that pay? He’s been there so long he’s become institutionalized meaning he’s afraid to look for a new job because the benefits are so good. There are other companies that aren’t Unionized but they still have benefits maybe not quite UPS benefits but they’re still pretty damn good. In another job he could be working full time with benefits, less pay but with full time he’ll be making more money in the long run.

Of course with Obamacare everyone is hiring part time only. I know that for a fact because that’s where I am currently. I work at Home Depot. Started there five months ago part time, changed departments for more money and an opportunity to go full time. I just found out today that my department was granted more hours and that the supervisor is going to fill those hours by hiring more part time workers on orders of management. I don’t blame my supervisor, management or the company I blame Obamacare. A Union would not help my situation because even the Unions don’t like Obamacare now because it effects them as well. 

 I work two part time jobs, Home Depot and Joseph A. Bank, to make up for not having a full time job. All because of Obamacare.

Another Union example: My brother worked for a prison, privately ran, Unionized. He was a by the book officer there, never called out and took on extra shifts for the employees that did call out. He makes one minor mistake and he gets fired. He went to the Union for help and they did nothing. 

Another link further explaining Unions, it focuses on the Auto Workers Union but a Union is a Union: It points out how Unions were a big factor to the fall of Detroit.

To sum up Deregulated Capitalism: Capitalism needs some regulation, you will never hear me argue against that. The Unions and Progressive government have fixed Capitalism but they kept on regulating and taxing and micro managing to the point where American Jobs have gone over seas or to illegal immigrants. Most regulations and taxes need to go away. I  say keep the ones that found the nice even keel and bring back American Jobs and get rid of the ones that destroy businesses for no reason other than control.

Now Crony Capitalism: When Big Business and government get in bed with each other (lobbying for example). There is a difference between Capitalism and Crony Capitalism. Here are some Crony Capitalist companies to name a few: Micro-Soft, Google, Exxon Mobile, General Electric ect. New link time!: An explication why Capitalism is viewed as “evil”.

J.P. Morgan was a Crony Capitalist not for his involvement in helping the United States government recover from near economic collapse because he started to simply buy the companies that were failing. Morgan was a HUGE success, one of such we may never see again. He faltered though, remember To er is human, Morgan thought his financial power could benefit government. Business and government don’t mix PERIOD. In Morgan’s prime he was building an Empire and at one point Teddy Roosevelt said “No more monopolizing”. Roosevelt didn’t target only J.P. Morgan, he only used him as example for other Big Companies in essence saying that success was a bad thing because others were poor. Refer to above for more Roosevelt and Progressive Presidents.

Which brings me to Progressives in government. It started with Teddy Roosevelt, continued with Woodrow Wilson and has been corroding We the People slowly into Communism. 

“We cannot make Americans jump from Capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly wake up to find they have communism” Nikita Krushchev 1959. Yes I realize it was after Wilson but Marxism Communism was around before Wilson and Roosevelt.

The quote couldn’t be more accurate. We the People already have socialism, agree with me or not, We the People are in socialism. Progressives have been feeding America small doses of democracy, socialism and communism for about or a little over 100 years.

The United States of America is a Republic not a democracy. This all started with that democracy crap. Read the Constitution and the Amendments, the documents in which inform We the People how this country is Ours, it is a Republic. That government is to do We the Peoples will not the other way around. In the Constitution and the Amendments no where does it state or say the word democracy. I’ll post a link with the Declaration of Independence because it is an awesome document and it has the links to the Constitution and the Amendments:

Obama and his cohorts are going in for the kill of We the Peoples Constitutional Republic. They have stripped We the People of Our 4th Amendment meaning we no longer have privacy, thank you NSA and IRS. They are attacking conservative groups, Jewish and  Christian groups (there went two of the five parts of the 1st Amendment, freedom of speech and freedom of religion) This administration has attacked the press, The Associated Press and Fox News (there went another part of the 1st Amendment, freedom of the press). They are bullying conservative rallies (When I went down to D.C. there were “two” rallies going on. There was only one rally, they city police split We the People up for the soul reason of bullying and control). And there went other the last two of five parts of the 1st Amendment, the Right to express grievances to the government. They have done away with Amendments 9 and 10. An example would be the Gay Marriage debate. Gay Marriage, nay marriage PERIOD is a state and We the Peoples issue NOT a federal issue. the 9th Amendment says that We the Peoples Rights are infinite. The 10th Amendment says that the Federal government cannot make any law that infringes on the 10 Amendments in any way and that such laws are left up to the individual states and We the People to decide. They are interfering with a state trial, the State of Florida vs George Zimmerman, again an attack on the 10th Amendment. They are relentlessly attacking the 2nd Amendment, the Right to bear arms. What part of Shall Not Infringe don’t they understand?

We the People are in a New Civil Rights movement. I’m NOT talking about the one Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson “New Civil Rights” movement they thought they started recently. We the People have been in a New Civil Rights Movement since the middle of Bush Jr. I have, unfortunately, have only become aware and active recently.

About Civil Rights and We the Peoples peaceful fight for them. Some disclaimers: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not a socialist or a communist, see links:

Listen to Dr. King’s famous and still inspiring “I Have A Dream” speech:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was surrounded by communist yes, yet he himself was not a communist, refer to links above. Communist used Dr. King to push their own agenda and thank the Good Lord Our God Above the communist failed.

Back to Communism. It seems that communism takes many forms. Sometimes it’s through a Progressive leader (side note, sorry: Progressive Politicians seek to only progress the power and size of government with false promises of a better tomorrow for We the People. Individuals are the only ones who can make true progress), other times it’s through violent revolutions. Look up the French revolution (take your pick there) and the Russian revolution of the Red Army vs the White Army. Then communism is simply seen in mobs through various factions coming together to cause simple, short term disorder.

 I am speaking of the Union Fights in the 1900’s – 1930’s and the Occupy movement. Marxist, Maoist, communist, socialist and “anarchist”  assembled (know as Occupy) in major cities back in 2010 to express their grievances towards Big Businesses. Most of them said they wanted jobs and I said “Ok, go and find one and stop clogging the streets. It’s difficult but there are jobs”. It’s only a few years ago where finding a full time job was easier than it is today.

“Wait, why were anarchist put in quotations?” Because they’re not anarchist. Anarchy is absolutely no government or any kind of rule of law at all it’s just chaos, definition links posted below:

Now the wikipedia definition gives the real definition of anarchy, it also basically says there is a new form of anarchy and it is collectivism.

That’s what communism ultimately is, collectivism. Political Collectivism is the many governed by the few where all responsibility is stripped from the individual and the government takes care of everyone.

Sounds great right? No more worrying about bills, buying food, or gas for your vehicle, housing, clothes, school being too tough for your kids. Government takes care of all of that in collectivism/communism. I don’t knot how that works though if the many are dirt poor and the super rich are very few. A collective is simply unsustainable.

Individuals who strive to better themselves so that they can achieve better pay or reach a higher rank or even start their own business is the best solution. We have seen individuals succeed in the Golden Age of America, the time right after World War II. Then the 60’s happened and We the People went back to Progressive politics and look where We the People are today. We have seen many individuals succeed outside of the Golden Age of America, it is becoming less frequent though.

Progressive politics is the reason why We the People are in this predicament. We the People have to do our research and become informed of the events going on around us or We the People will become slaves.

“Why do you keep on saying ‘We the People’ if you’re against collectivism?” Good question and that brings us back to the founding of this AWESOME Nation. We the People came together to fight tyranny from England and then went back to our lives. Except for a select few who drafted up the blue prints for the Constitutional Republic We the People have today.

This Great Nation of Ours was founded on the idea of the individual governing themselves, to pursue their own Life, Liberty and Happiness. Through Constitutional Laws it was up to  We the People to be responsible for OUR OWN ACTIONS. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights limits government NOT We the People.

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!


This final picture represents Totalitarianism in America.

God Bless.


NSA Scandal

In case you forgot about the government spying on We the People because of the Zimmerman trial here’s a reminder.

One way to fix this idiot being questioned is to fire him and put him in jail.

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.

Adopt Not Abort

Melissa Ohden talks of God’s will for all life to flourish and I agree with her. I believe she would agree with me as well when I say abortions are irresponsible.

Through research, I encourage  you to find the facts out for yourself, roughly 1% of abortions are because of rape and roughly 3% are because of incest/life of the mother. So yes most abortions are irresponsible people not taking on the responsibility of having the child and raising the the child or putting the child up for adoption.

There are many factors why people are irresponsible with sex. Teenage sex is out of control, the culture mostly promotes bad behavior and families are half divided and half are  whole families. Most people do not wait for marriage to have sex (put a side decide to have a child) and agree to a joint income to support themselves, let alone a child.

Sean Hannity was on the right track, if abortion is a choice what about all the choices that lead up to most abortions? Teenagers and adults make plenty of choices up and until the abortion. 

They first choose to have sex (now most of the time they don’t discuss this it just happens most of the time), choose to take off their clothes, whether to use a protection or not or take the after morning pill, choose to have sex again and may or may not use protection that time. One of these encounters is going to get the female pregnant and then they “choose” not to be responsible for their actions and kill their child.

I don’t care what you say or think, Abortion=Murder or more accurately Genocide. America has 1.2 million abortions a year. Due to recent events the public has learned just how horrifying the abortion process actually is ie the Kermit Goshnell trial in Philadelphia.

Row vs Wade simply removed the responsibility of the woman and took away the REAL choice which is either take care of the child or give the child up for adoption.

It is my belief that abortion is only a true choice when it is in the case of Life of the Mother. There is therapy for women who have been raped by either a stranger or a family member. Yell at me all you want and call me any name you please, this is my opinion. You don’t have to like it or agree with me, I am entitled to my opinion though.

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.

George Zimmerman

Give me a break!

The link is basically an interview of the prosecutors who still believe Zimmerman “murdered” Martin. The Evidence supports Zimmerman killing Martin in self defense.

I am sick and tired of this case.

Yes, it is tragic that a young life has been lost, it happens everyday and the Left Wing Media doesn’t blow it out of proportion like this.

I am sick and tired of the propaganda about this case. Watch, just watch and you’ll see another damn gun bill waiting to be voted on this fall.

People are also talking about another Civil Rights movement starting from this. NEWS FLASH we’re already in a Civil Rights movement! How do I know this? Because I have participated in some rallies.

“Yeah but they were all pro-gun rallies right?” It doesn’t matter if I went to a pro-gun rally or free speech rally, freedom of religion ect. they’re all Civil Rights.

This new “Civil Rights Movement” the Left is ranting about is propaganda for BIG government NOT for Treyvon Martin. Once again the Left is using the dead to push their agenda and it’s disgusting.

There is no Civil Rights movement connected to the death of Treyvon Martin because his Civil Rights weren’t violated by the government. Yes that’s how Civil Right Movements form, when the government is after the fundamental, naturally born, God given Rights……..NEWS FLASH AGAIN, that’s happening. This new “Civil Rights Movement” is proof of that. It’s the government using a clear, cut and dry self defense case as a murder case to push their agenda.

I think I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again any way. It is my firm belief that their are more Patriots then there are Leftist and lemmings and We the People will Stand, March and Fight (protest NOT go to war with the government that’s just dumb) Peacefully and win back We the Peoples Country.

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.

Obama’s “Foreign Relations”


American soldiers have been fighting over in the Middle East for eleven years. Enough is Enough!

We the People are NOT the World Police!

This all started with World War II. I’m not against WWII I’m against OUR actions after wards. After WWII we, or more accurately the government, decided to become the World Police. That’s why we got involved with the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

“But we were fighting Communism.” My eye we were fighting Communism. Sure, we helped South Korea fend off North Korea, relations are still horrible there. South Korean soldiers and American soldiers stationed on the 38th parallel take a risk having meetings with the North because they can be grabbed and taken over to Northern Communist Korea.

Vietnam was a disaster. America didn’t help that war at all. All America did in Vietnam was send young men to their death.

I apologize if I offend any veterans, please correct me on anything and everything. I will admit that I am not fully knowledgeable on war in general. I have heard veterans from the Vietnam and Korean war say that America had no business being there.

Now this president has OUR nation involved in Egypt and Syria. He’s been funding both countries with We the Peoples tax money since his first term. It is Treason!

“How is it treason?” Because in both countries the majority of the population hate America. They burn our flag, scream death to America and the terrorist factions plot attacks against We the People.

Why are we funding our ENEMY?!?

The American Military needs to pull out of the Middle East and let citizens their and God sort things out. America has no business being in the Middle East because it is full of civil wars that have nothing to do with us.

There are Egyptian patriots who hold signs in protest saying our president supports terrorism, funds terrorism, aids terrorism, ect. Does our government or We the People need a BIGGER CLUE that we have no right, set aside business, we absolutely have no right being in the Middle East for military or political reasons.

Hell, the Middle East may, and that’s a big MAY, even leave We the People alone for a shot while because they’ll be busy fighting themselves.

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.

Rafael Cruz

An awe inspiring speech of Truth from Senator Ted Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz.

He talks of his younger years when he part of the Cuban Revolution with Castro and Che at the lead. Castro and Che spoke of Hope and Change, sound familiar? Rafael’s involvement in the revolution only ended in imprisonment and torture.

God gave Rafael mercy and allowed him to break free and come to America. In America he worked as a dish washer for a living and to put himself through school.

At one point he went back to Cuba to see his mother and he saw something that was not Hope and Change but Communism. I bet to him not much had changed in Cuba, only the leadership.

I am currently reading the Communist Manifesto so that I may learn how the opposition thinks. Most of what is written in it I already know because I have become aware of what is going around me. When I am done reading the Manifesto I will put up post and it will be about,obviously, Communism.

The post will also show you where We the Peoples country is headed if We the People don’t take a stand and say, “No more government in our lives! We the People can govern ourselves the way this country was supposed to be ran. We are a country of laws but not to the extent where personal responsibility is stripped from us. Not to the extent where businesses cannot operate”.

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.

Independence Day

Happy July 4th Everyone!Image

Today we celebrate We the Peoples Independence from England for 237 years and counting.

To be in the spirit for today I suggest re-reading the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27. A fresh reminder of where we came from and the path We the People so desperately need to get back on. Copied and pasted links:

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.