Inspiring Words From Charlie Chaplin In His Role Of The Movie “The Great Dictator”

“The Great Dictator” is not a movie that praises the Nazis or Hitler where in fact is it quite the opposite. The movie makes a mockery of the Nazis and Hitler.

This speech though, this powerful speech, rings true today. It can be argued that some parts sound socialistic, especially the fact that he mentions democracy twice and board less nations, he mostly speaks of liberty, individuality and God.

I have mentioned before and will continue to mention that the United States of America is a Republic not a democracy. I believe he mentions democracy because it is the British way of governing. Charlie could also have been talking about Jeffersonsian democracy which is based largely on the American Constitutional Republic.

Democracy is popular because it is the popular vote that counts. The popular vote is normally an emotional vote and not a very well informed vote. Democracies in turn make law based more on emotion rather than fact and that is why they fail and become either socialism or communism.

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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