Happy Thanksgiving!



Remember the Peanuts Thanksgiving Day Special? I do and I’m sure most of, if not all of you, remember. It’s a great special because it not only taught us history but it was done in a fun way and it sent a powerful message. The message of, even though we are all different be it skin color, religion, politics, ethnicity or culture, we can put aside our differences and get along together. Not just this time of year or Christmas, New Years or Easter but all year round. 

Love is the answer. Through love comes helping each other, not through guilt or being told to do it but because you know it’s the right thing to do. Charity comes from the heart and no where else. When you give of your own free will it’s satisfying to know that you’re making a positive in some one else’s life.

Love is the answer. You don’t have to understand, know or agree with everyone to love them. I know you may find it more difficult to love certain people because you don’t understand, know or agree with them but that’s what makes it all the more important. It’s important to love because the alternative is hate and right now there is too much hate in the world.

I’m not saying you have to drop everything and start a charity or join a charity or go to religious services or start hugging every stranger you see. All those things are very good things and would be AWESOME if you did them (ok, hugging every stranger might be too much for most people, both for the hugger and the huggy, LoL).

Love is as simple as holding the door for someone, if someone drops a personal item or money return it to them or take it to the lost and found if you’re in a store or mall.

Love is as simple as being polite, saying hello to people and asking how they are, using manners all the time not just in private and smiling.

I myself am guilty of not smiling enough, I get told so often. Which brings me to a new point, no one is perfect and that’s why you love them. People will succeed and fail and they have every right to do so.

Show your love for success by congratulating an individual for their accomplishment.

Show love for failure by letting an individual know it’s ok so long as you pick yourself back up and start over instead of wallowing in their failure. Tell them that failure is a learning phase and a stepping stone to success. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.



This post is about a few different topics that turn out to be the same topic, Control.

Obamacare is out of control. I’m not only seeing the negative effects it is having on We the Peoples nation through the news, I am also seeing the effects first hand at work. I work at Home Depot, an awesome company that loves to care of their own. It’s becoming more difficult for Home Depot and other companies to take care of their own. When I say “take care of their own” I’m not talking about the “greedy top executives”, I’m talking about every single employee.

I could get into the details but I would be going off topic. For anyone who reads this and comments and has questions about how Home Depot takes care of their own I will be more than willing to discuss that later. Now is Control and how the government is gaining more and more each day.

At work the other day a meeting was held for anyone to attend who wanted to so they could learn about the new enrollment options the company has to offer. You guessed it, employees can no longer have their health plans roll over until next enrollment period. Employees must re-enroll for the new system. What a horrible thing Home Depot has done to their employees! WRONG!

What a horrible thing the government has done to employees of all walks of life in the private sector of the economy.

“Are you sure Steve? Surely Home Depot can afford to keep their health care plans for employees the same”, no they cannot. Most corporations, most businesses both big and small cannot afford to keep their current health plans the same for their employees. They cannot afford to keep all of their employees, they have to let the part timers go. They cannot afford to keep all of their employees at full time hours, they have to cut some of them to part time.

I didn’t start this blog to become a fear monger, to promote doom and gloom or anything of the sort. I started this blog to promote to Truth…..hence the name “Speaking Truth”.

In the “Affordable Health Care Act”, from day one when it was written, there is a clause in their stating that if an individuals private health care copay goes up by only $5.00, five dollars (yes only $5.00, five dollars) that their coverage is to be canceled. Kathleen Sebelius said so herself.

Yes, the government is forcing people off their health coverage they like and into health coverage they don’t like and is even more expensive than their previous health plan. No, most businesses (both big and small) are not evil and use the employees as puppets for their amusement, that’s what the government does only it’s not just their employees it’s also We the People they like to Control. 

Here’s how absurd Obamacare is. If you’re lucky enough to keep you health care coverage that does not exclude you from paying into Obamacare because it is still a tax. It is the highest form of redistribution of wealth We the People have ever seen.

Definition:                                                                                                                                                                              redistribution of wealth- taking from the hard worker and giving to the non-worker.

Welfare, medicare, medicaid, government housing and social security are all examples of this. The government should have not have these programs. The private sector (aka the Free Market or that evil, evil word Capitalism) can do a much better job of helping those in need because generally people are good and charitable.

Back to the absurdity. So you’re not only paying for your own health care plan, which is more expensive now, you are also paying for the non-worker’s health care plan. This is called a single payer system, where each individual pays into a program for the betterment of the collective.

Little side not: Any form of government that revolves around the idea of the collective (Socialism, Communism and Anarchy, yes anarchy)  and not the individual has killed 120 million people in the past. Since the idea of collectivism is still around today and used widely around the world, that number is still increasing. The rest of this topic up for discussion later and/or another post.

Any government program that does not involve defense, a responsible budget and the execution of good law is unsustainable. Unsustainable because you can only tax so much.

“Well, have the rich pay more!” Great, that’ll definitely NOT solve the problem, why? Even if you tax the rich, a very broad definition by the way “the rich”, there are less of them then there are of us. Which I refuse to see it that way which is the Marxist way of seeing things as upper class, middle class and poor. God created us all equally.

We all have an equal chance to be successful, unless you have a controlling government. There are still success stories today, it’s not as common and it’s more difficult but there are still success stories.

You know how I said you can only tax so much, sorry that’s not true. government can tax We the People, all of us, at %100 and extra government programs will still be unsustainable. This is true because if there are more people on the program (non-workers) then there are people not on the program (hard workers) the program will at some point implode and there will be chaos.

Let’s track back to hard workers. Obama has switched gears, once again, back to the economy because he’s a little brat who can’t take the heat from his failed law known as Obamacare. He’s focusing on raising the Federal minimum wage. Bad idea.

Employers will not hire people at a higher minimum wage and if they do it’s only because they chose to raise their prices. Those evil bastards right? WRONG! Businesses, both big and small, cannot afford an entry level employee at, let’s say, $15.00 an hour. That’s insane. Might I add that they will hire new employees at the new minimum wage but keep their old employees at that original minimum wage or what ever salary they are making currently. This is bad for the work place and the customer. I know, I’ve been on both sides.

They will call this a “living wage”. What is a living wage? Notice I didn’t make it seem like someone was asking me and I had an answering, no I’m honestly asking what is a living wage?

People will say it’s the amount of money you need to earn to live on your own. Or to support you and your spouse or support you and your family of three or four. WRONG! We the Peoples taxes are still high and with the minimum wage going up so will prices at the super market, all sorts of retail stores, skilled jobs, medical professions and so on and so forth. This all goes back to the most basic law of physics, for every action there is an equal and opposing reaction.

Minimum wage shouldn’t even exist in my opinion (yes I am that evil……actually I’m not). An employer should be able to choose how much they pay employees. Before I get to an explanation about that allow me to ask a question. Do you really think that a person working an entry level job in should earn $15.00 an hour? 

Each job out there, not matter what the job is, requires some level of skills. These skills can range from good manners to brain surgery. A person working fast food or retail at entry shouldn’t necessarily start out at $8.00 (just an example) because you need very little skills for those jobs and you’re always taught how to do your job. A person starting out at a car garage, plumping, electricians or any skilled labor (now a days) went to school for one of those specific jobs. Would you agree that they should make more because they need next to no training for that job? Same is true with any kind of doctor.

When you have a certain skill or a certain set of skills you should earn more because that’s less time your employer has to train you and more time you can work. Skilled jobs you don’t necessarily need training you really only pick up the tricks of the trade. I have also experienced this. For example: through my eleven years of retail at experience I have always negotiated a quarter more to dollar more than entry level pay because I have the skills they’re looking for and will require less training which results in more work. This why I believe employers should be allowed to choose what they pay their employees. 

Everything that I have elaborated in this blog is all about government control and how they only want more of it. How is that you may ask. I’ll tell you this, it is estimated that 129 million American citizens will loose their health care plans with in the next few years forcing them into Obamacare. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already lost their health insurance and thousands continue to loose their health coverage daily.

Guess who’s in charge of Obamacare? The IRS, the most hated of all the government agencies and they have only hired more employees. The IRS, just one of many government bullies. You think they were horrible with certain groups getting their non-profit status, imagine how they’ll be with your health care?

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.