Happy Thanksgiving!



Remember the Peanuts Thanksgiving Day Special? I do and I’m sure most of, if not all of you, remember. It’s a great special because it not only taught us history but it was done in a fun way and it sent a powerful message. The message of, even though we are all different be it skin color, religion, politics, ethnicity or culture, we can put aside our differences and get along together. Not just this time of year or Christmas, New Years or Easter but all year round. 

Love is the answer. Through love comes helping each other, not through guilt or being told to do it but because you know it’s the right thing to do. Charity comes from the heart and no where else. When you give of your own free will it’s satisfying to know that you’re making a positive in some one else’s life.

Love is the answer. You don’t have to understand, know or agree with everyone to love them. I know you may find it more difficult to love certain people because you don’t understand, know or agree with them but that’s what makes it all the more important. It’s important to love because the alternative is hate and right now there is too much hate in the world.

I’m not saying you have to drop everything and start a charity or join a charity or go to religious services or start hugging every stranger you see. All those things are very good things and would be AWESOME if you did them (ok, hugging every stranger might be too much for most people, both for the hugger and the huggy, LoL).

Love is as simple as holding the door for someone, if someone drops a personal item or money return it to them or take it to the lost and found if you’re in a store or mall.

Love is as simple as being polite, saying hello to people and asking how they are, using manners all the time not just in private and smiling.

I myself am guilty of not smiling enough, I get told so often. Which brings me to a new point, no one is perfect and that’s why you love them. People will succeed and fail and they have every right to do so.

Show your love for success by congratulating an individual for their accomplishment.

Show love for failure by letting an individual know it’s ok so long as you pick yourself back up and start over instead of wallowing in their failure. Tell them that failure is a learning phase and a stepping stone to success. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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