I celebrate Christmas not because Christ was born today, the official date is uncertain. I celebrate Christmas because of his journey, teachings and the sacrifice of his own life for our sins. The priest who gave the sermon today, I wish I knew his name, reassured me of this. Glenn Beck puts into the simplest terms; “Christmas isn’t about the birth of the child, it’s about the death of the man”.

Jesus was persecuted not only because he was not the warrior king the Jews thought would come and save them but he also spoke the truth and empowered others. The Jewish leaders of the time couldn’t stand this and sought to silence Jesus. Once they tried everything within their law they went to Pontius Pilate. They lied and told him that Jesus was proclaiming himself king and not Caesar.

Pilate spoke with Jesus and saw no criminal. He saw a man simply speaking the truth but the pharisees wouldn’t leave him alone. Pilate left it up to the crowd to choose would be set free by displaying a condemned man, Barabbas, and Jesus in court. This was after Jesus was whipped within inches of his life. The crowd chooses Barabbas.

Jesus takes up the burden of the cross to the top of Golgotha, forgives those who have done this to him, promises paradise to a dying man and dies for our sins.

Three days later Jesus rises from death and empowers his disciples to spread the Good News. Death is not eternal so long as you accept Jesus as your savior and follow his law of Love. 

Have a merry, safe and blessed Christmas.



Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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