Man’s Law vs Nature’s Law

Each opinion article I post is just that, my opinion. However, I do not simply write my opinion, I write my opinion on the news and I bring the news via web links. I’m not just showing my home work, I’m also giving you a starting point for you and others to start researching on your own.

Please click and read/watch every article in my post and then go and research the subject on your own. State your own opinions in my post, I welcome all discussion. If We the People are not aware, We the People loose. What happened to Germany, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, China and North Korea can and will happen to America if We the People are not informed. America is special but it is not immune to human imperfection.

The link has two videos. One bringing to light the horrors of a New York City school because it isn’t a school. It’s a k-8 day care center because the teachers do not teach because they have no curriculum. They have no curriculum because they have no books. They have no books because the principal, Marcella Sills, of almost ten years is not there for the children and their education, she is there simply for the money.

Ms. Marcella Sills makes $128,207, minimum, a year for showing up, which she hardly ever does and if and when she does it is always considerably late.

Man’s Law: Essentially someone telling you that they know better than you. Here are some recent laws that Man, the State, is imposing on We the People:

Raise your children the way the State says, Common Core. I’ve written a few articles about Common Core, go back and read them, click on the links, read and watch the articles and do your own research.

You may keep your health insurance if the State approves of it (5 million Americans have lost their health insurance since the implementation of Obamacare because one part of the law states that if your copay increases by five dollars your insurance company must drop you. This may not be true for all 5 million Americans it is simply one of the reasons).

The State tells you what kind of light bulbs to use. Really? Really? State “It’s for the good of the planet” Really, is it? There’s mercury in “green” light bulbs and not everyone has access, or care to dispose of them properly. A new law came out banning 60, 75 and 100 watt incandescent bulbs.

These are older but still man made. You need a fishing and hunting license, you also need a permit to plant food on your own property, I’m pretty sure you need a license to farm, why? Man has fishing, hunting and farming since the dawn of our existence and it’s only within the past hundred years or so We the People need licenses and permits to do what our ancestors have done?

Unless you register with the State as a non-profit organization, you can’t feed the hungry.

These laws go against everything this country was built on, which Natural Law.

Nature’s Law is God’s Law: Law that you are born into whether you’re raised in any form of government or you’re raised out in the wild. Nature’s Law is a constant where ever you go and it cannot be taken away from you.

You can raise your children as you see fit. Your child is of your blood. The only time where it would acceptable for outsiders to intervene would be if you abuse your child.

You have a right to eat what ever your heart desires and it your responsibility to take care of your own body, to get your own insurance.

You have a right to live your life as you see fit. I told you before and I’ll tell you again; let no one, absolutely no one, tell you what you can and cannot do. Let no, absolutely no one, tell you that they know better than you. You are responsible for your actions and your actions alone.

You have a right to defend yourself. It is absolutely absurd how others are dictating how your are to protect yourself. That they know better how to protect yourself than you, that’s insane. Those who think they know better are getting to the point, and watch for it, where they will tell you to fight Natural instinct to defend yourself. Some may say, “Well Jesus said turn the other cheek”, he did say this but he was referring to when people talk ill of him or God, not when you are insulted or when you are being attacked and when your life is in danger. 

I guarantee you, doesn’t matter if you have any form of self defense training, that if your life is in danger or a loved ones life is danger that you’re going to defend yourself or your loved one because it’s the natural thing to do, it is the right thing to do.

Here’s another way of looking at it. What do you think will happen if you try to go and pet a wild animal, either the adult or the offspring. Depending on the animal it will either flee or attack you. In the case of the offspring the animal will kill you.

Do not forget that humans are also animals, we are simply the highest form of animal on Earth. We can be just as savage as any beast and in most cases more savage.

 Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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