Separation of Church and State

Read and watch this article of the absurdity of this school.

An autistic child brings his Bible to school and reads it during his free time. He has been doing this for some time now until his teacher told him to stop. The teacher told him that the Bible was only for church and not for school.

I contest that this child was learning more from the Bible then he was in school, especially if the school uses Common Core curriculum. Look up Common Core because the future of our children is at stake.

People always say “The separation of church and state”. Thomas Jefferson is “quoted” (yes I just put the word quote in quotes LoL) saying this. What Jefferson mean by this though? The Supreme Court of 1947, Everson vs the Board of Education, believes and ruled that Jefferson meant that there is no place for any kind of religion in the public. Thus removing morning prayer from public schools.

What Jefferson actually meant, and I will copy and post an article on it, is that the State should not mandate, favor or condemn any religion for the nation. One of the reasons the Pilgrims came over here and one of the reasons for the Revolutionary War was Freedom of Religion. There’s a reason why Freedom of Religion is the second part of the First Amendment of the Constitution. The article will give you a much clearer understanding and will go more in depth.

Freedom of religion means you and I have a Right to believe in God and His son Jesus Christ. It also means that you and I have Right to believe in nothing or to worship the sun, a rock or whatever you want. You take on the responsibility of preaching peacefully what you believe, not ramming it down other people throats or condemning those who disagree with you.

We can have different beliefs, agree to disagree and still get along. Love each other, be decent towards one another, help people when they need it and realize that we’re all different and we can live together with our differences.

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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