This country needs to become energy independent and it needs to do it now. America sits on enough natural energy reserves to last for generations, to squash the competition and to stop depending on other countries especially other countries that hate We the People’s guts and burn OUR flag.

Technology has come a long way through the years where we can now drill and harvest fossil fuels clean and safely. People tell me that it hurts the environment when we drill and that it’s taking time from Earths life span.

1) The Earth is fine. Humanity is but an insect on the surface of the Earth and will continue to be Earth long, long, long, long after we are gone.

2) Have you seen other countries drill and harvest natural fuel? Let me remind you of the Summer Olympics not too long ago in Beijing.The Chinese had to clean the city of all the smog before they could host the Olympics. The citizens of China, perceptually in the major cities, wear medical mask to stop some of the bad air from getting into theirs lungs. In the Gulf War back in the late 80’s early 90’s the enemy burned their oil fields while United States troops went through, how healthy do you think that was for “Mother Earth”?

Horror stories like listed above will not happen in America because we care about the planet and realize that “clean” or new energy methods are just not available for everyone. Sure the government gives you perks for going “green” but should you really need your government to tell you to protect the planet? I personally don’t think so.

America is very capable of drilling and harvesting natural fuels from the Earth and We the People, Not (repeat) Not the government, and do this clean and safely. The video goes into much more detail so please give it a view. Thank you.


Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.


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