We the People need to pull our head out of our asses

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This is what We the People are heading towards if We the People don’t pull our heads out of our asses. This is only 29yrs ago in Russia and I bet much hasn’t changed. Especially if you saw the deplorable conditions in Sochi Russia back during the Winter Olympics. I posted a blog about it.

I’m sure China, North Korea, Cuba and many parts of South America look similar to this horror.

The United States of America will not be the only one to suffer from socialism/communism. This is happening globally. America cannot fix the world, we can only fix America. Look at the countless failed attempts after WW2, note after WW2. We the People are not the worlds police force, peace keepers or arbiters.

I will keep on preaching a smaller, simpler and 100% Constitutional United States Federal government. The Constitution structures the government, how it is to run and operate and then the awesome 10 Amendments were put in shortly afterwards to put chains on the government. Chains on the government NOT We the People.

If the government actually followed the rules in which they are to be held accountable to We the People would not be in this predicament. Alas, to er is human. Humans complained to the government and useless laws were made. Humans elected into office saw a problem in their state or in the country, lets say environmental, and made laws to “fix” it. Humans the head of large corporations thought they could help We the People by lobbying where in fact they are serving their own self interest.

There are many people who use the argument of separation church and state, well I say separation of business and government, separation of complainers and government. Government, as so accurately put by Thomas Pain in ‘Common Sense’ February 14th 1776, is a necessary evil. Even God is against government because He is the Almighty and gave us laws to abide by.¬†God tells Israel exactly what will happen under the rule of a king in Samuel Chapter 8 versus 1 through 17. Yes a monarchy is completely different from our democratic republic but whether it’s one person the head of a government or many to er is human will always be true.

Pray, learn history, research the events going on around you and become informed.

Stand for the Bill of Rights, March for the Constitution and Fight for LIBERTY!

God Bless.